Django Productions is a development, financing and production company for the film and television industries. We look for great stories and find unique ways to tell them in all forms of visual media. Our focus is finding these great stories and determining the best medium and most compelling method of conveying them.


While our specialty is nonfiction and documentaries we have several new projects underway in feature narrative films. However, believing that truth is always stranger than fiction, we prefer true stories and stories with a strong historical base even in the fictional projects that we choose.

Edwin Stepp
Founder and President

Edwin Stepp is president of Django Productions, LLC based in Pasadena, CA. Edwin has more than twenty years experience in television, media and marketing. In 2011 he ran his first successful crowdfunding campaign for a film he co-produced titled Vinylmania, When Life Runs at 33RPMs. Since then he has consulted on several other successful crowdfunding campaigns and continues to offer consulting in this new realm and on other aspects of film financing. In 2001 he helped form Vision Media Productions, which specializes in documentaries about Middle East history, biblical and religious history and archaeology.  VMP’s first production, Cheating God Out of Christianity won four international TV awards including a Gold Camera Award, the top prize at the U.S. International Film & Video Festival and the Intermedia Globe Gold award from the World Media Festival in Hamburg, Germany.


Believing the old adage, "Truth is stranger than fiction," Django Productions specializes in documentaries, nonfiction TV and feature films about true stories and historical events. The company co-produced Vinylmania, a film about the resurgence of vinyl records and also The Last Wild Race, a film about a grueling adventure race held each year in the chilean patagonia. Django is now at work on a documentary about the legendary blues singer, Howlin' Wolf, a film about the father of modern fly-fishing and a feature documentary about the plight of the honey bee. Django is also currently at work on several feature films including one about the life of Bill Monroe, the father of Bluegrass music. The film already has an A-list cast attached and a “Who’s Who” of Bluegrass and Country musicians will be featured on the soundtrack.